August 2016 Newsletter

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Dear Orange County Living Wage Supporters,

First, we are delighted to announce that Orange County Living Wage was recently awarded a grant from Orange County for $16,750. We will use the funds to hire a part-time employee who will assist our nine-member, all-volunteer Steering Committee with administrative work, grant writing, fundraising, and community outreach. With the new hire on board, we will be able to significantly grow our living wage efforts in the county. Please distribute this job notice to all interested parties:
Part-time Assistant for Orange County Living Wage
Orange County Living Wage, a non-profit organization certifying and publicizing businesses that pay their workers a living wage, seeks a part-time employee to assist its Steering Committee with administrative work, grant research and writing, fundraising with individuals and corporations, and community outreach. Experience in these four areas as well as strong organizational and interpersonal skills are preferred. The job will require 10-15 flexible hours per week, and the employee will be compensated at $20 per hour. Work can be done at a location of choice. No office space is available. Access to a car would be helpful although not required. Attendance at monthly steering committee meetings at Chapel Hill Public Library is mandatory.

To inquire about or apply for the position, email OCLW at
To learn more about Orange County Living Wage, visit our website at
Second, we recently certified the Town of Carrboro as an Orange County Living Wage Employer. In order to qualify, 14 of the Town’s 258 full and part-time employees received raises. For details, please read this article in the Chapel Hill News.

Third, we now have certified 76 Orange County Living Wage Employers. For a complete listing, click here. Our efforts with you have brought tremendous benefits to Orange County, as described in this article just published in News of Orange. In order to qualify as Certified Orange County Living Wage Employers, wages at the low end of the pay scale have been lifted a combined $564,000.

Fourth, Orange County Living Wage now has t-shirts ($20), brochures, and car magnets, made possible by grants from Strowd Roses Foundation and Chapel of the Cross. If you would like to receive any of these items, please email us using the link below.
Fifth, take five minutes to watch our video, A Living Wage for a Stronger Community, featuring four of our living wage employers: Joe Van Gogh, Binkley Baptist Church, F & F Automotive, and Vimala’s Curryblossom Café.
Sixth, help us raise wages and build a more sustainable economy by donating HERE.

Thank you for all of your support in this all-volunteer effort to promote a living wage in Orange County.
Orange County Living Wage
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Orange County Living Wage Steering Committee
Susan Romaine, Chair Dr. Stuart Bethune, Vice Chair
Peter McCubbin, Treasurer Dr. Susan Attermeier, Secretary
Mike Andrews, John Barrow, Kimberly Brewer, Lewise Busch, and Mark Marcoplos