December 2016 Newsletter

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Hello from Orange County Living Wage,

The holidays are upon us and we here at OCLW have a lot to be thankful for this year!


To start, we’d like to introduce you to our newest recruit, Ginny Boyer.Ginny was hired with the Orange County grant funding to assist the organization with outreach efforts, fundraising, and other administrative tasks as needed.She lives in Chapel Hill and spends her time wrangling a 4 year old and four rescue dogs.Please feel free to reach out to Ginny at if you need any assistance or direction to resources.


Are you aware that 1 in 5 families can’t afford the basics of daily living in North Carolina?Or that Orange County is the third most expensive county to live in for a family of 4?That is why the work of OCLW is so important!

The editors of UNC-Chapel Hill’s student newspaper, The Daily Tarheel, acknowledged the good work of OCLW in their November 16th opinion piece titled ‘There is Light to be seen in the Dark, Find Some’.They noted:

Many of our businesses, through Orange County Living Wage or independently, commit to pay living wages to vulnerable workers not because of a government mandate, but because it is the moral and ethical thing to do. We are great because we are good.

OCLW works hard to enhance the economic prosperity of our great county.We aim to promote the adoption of a living wage to improve the quality of life for area employees and to advocate for the patronage of living wage employers.We do this with some grant funding, but primarily through the generosity of your private donations.Please consider donating to our cause this holiday season!And consider making a donation on behalf of someone on your gift list.Your generosity helps us to purchase items that are used to spread awareness about our work and capture interest in paying a living wage.Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!And remember, it’s tax deductible!


We have been very busy this Fall certifying living wage employers.Ourliving wage employers now number 92 with more on the way!Thus far, 14 of these employers raised wages a combined $564,000 to qualify for the living wage certification.Additionally, the living wage now benefits a total of 6,837 employees in Orange County!Some of our most recent certifications include:Boomerang Youth, Inc., Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation, Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, Chapel Hill Moving Company, Mill House Properties, Moshi Moshi, Snap Pea, and the Town of Hillsborough!


Glasshalfull, #1 in Carrboro!

Congratulations toGlasshalfull, a certified Orange County Living Wage Employer, for being acclaimed Carrboro’s #1 restaurant by TripAdvisor.Stop by and enjoy an absolutely delicious lunch or dinner!



On October 16th from 4-6pm OCLW hosted a BUYcott at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, NC. The idea of a buycott is the opposite of a boycott- you deliberately purchase a company's products in support of their policies for paying a living wage! Follow us on Facebook so you can be tuned in for our next BUYcott event!

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The rates for employer certification are changing for the 2017 calendar year. Employers that are certified in 2017 must pay at least $13.15 per hour to all regular full and part time employees to qualify. For employers providing health insurance, the threshold is $11.65 per hour. Existing living wage employers certified in 2015 will require re-certification at the new rates. Again, all tipped, commissioned, and variable rate employees must be paid at least the living wage rate.

Please be reminded that the living wage is based on a calculation that uses the Fair Market Rents for Alamance, Chatham, Durham and Orange Counties, therefore fluctuation of this rate will result in fluctuation to the living wage. For more information, please see our Universal Living Wage Calculation page for details.



Non-profits please note: The Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Orange County FY 2017 – 2018Outside Agency Funding Application has new questions this year:

Does this agency pay permanent employees a minimum living wage? (Yes / No)

If yes, is this agency an Orange County Living Wage Certified Employer?

If no, please explain.


If you have an interest in certification in order to meet this qualification, we would love to help you out! Click on LIVING WAGE CERTIFICATION on our website to get started, or email us at


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Susan Attermeier

John Barrow

Stuart Bethune

Ginny Boyer

Kimberly Brewer

Lewise Busch

Victoria Freeman

Steve Jenks

Chris Lathrop

Mark Marcoplos

Peter McCubbin

Susan Romaine

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