"From the beginning, Snap Pea has paid every team member at least $18/hour - well above not only the minimum wage, but also the living wage standard. For us, paying so well is an easy choice because it helps us attract the best talent - the kind of team that our customers consistently rave about. But even more importantly, it helps us reduce turnover because folks are making enough money to care about being there - they feel that Snap Pea is taking care of them, and in turn they care about Snap Pea. I knew from the beginning that as a catering company, the work was always going to be seasonal and at times inconsistent, but having an awesome team who would stick around through the ebbs and flows has been one of the cornerstones of our longevity."

Jacob Boehm, Snap Pea

"I attended a poverty awareness workshop in Pittsboro designed to give participants a better understanding of and empathy for the dire straits of the working poor. So, I cut my "pay" to $12.75 per hour and for two months, tried to figure out a way to pay all of my bills with my living wage. It proved to be an impossible task. I appreciate more than ever the challenges and sacrifices of the working poor in our community."

Dave Stuckey, Owner, Stuckey & Boyd Financial Services

"No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country...by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level -- I mean the wages of decent living".

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

 "Put your people first…they are your business…stand behind them…your organization and the community will prosper and grow."

An Orange County Business Leader

 "Having been an employee and now being a business owner and an employer, I understand the important benefits that a living sustainable income can mean to an individual that is working to provide for themselves. A living wage becomes not only a benefit for the employee but also to the business owner to retain good employees. The employees then in turn are able to go out into their communities as better consumers. This makes a living wage a win-win, and creates a better economic system for everyone involved."

Matt Vanderwalker, Owner PlumbV Inc

 "I provide a living wage to my employees because it is very important we show our employees how important they regardless of what industry you operate in, the focus has to be on the customer and ensuring they are completely satisfied with your service. In order to achieve this it's vital that we create a memorable experience for our customers AND our employees. A genuine and sincere transaction between the two builds repeat business and an environment that talented people and good customers want to be a part of. Providing a living wage to all of my employees is one of the fundamental building blocks that allows me to achieve this.

Employees that are paid fairly are more willing to take the extra steps to ensure customer satisfaction objectives are met. In addition, loss prevention and turnover are greatly reduced. Providing a living wage recruits better talent and creates an environment of pride and value among all employees. Operating without providing a living wage is simply a short term outlook that has a much higher cost to the bottom line than by providing one."

Michael Fogleman, President F&F Automotive  

 "We have been supporting the philosophy of a Livable Wage since 1999 when it was first introduced to the County. We feel strongly about making Carol Woods not just a great place to live but also a great place to work and knowing that if we don’t take care of staff needs, how can we expect them to take care and deliver services effectively to others. Many of our residents have spent their lives working to support education, equal rights,  fair wages, and many other issues that impact our society.  Carol Woods and the way we address our employees is just a continuation of their own personal mission. Paying a livable wage, helping to lift individuals up out of poverty, is a benefit to the whole community and to our global future."

Patricia E. Sprigg, President and CEO Carol Woods Retirement Community

 “The Dispute Settlement Center strives to pay wages and benefits which allow employees to have healthy lives. Benefits include long-tenured employees, which enhances our ability to serve clients in mediation.”

 Frances Henderson, Dispute Settlement Center

 "Carrboro Plumbing benefits from having a healthy and happy workforce.  We treat our employees with respect and provide a living wage, health insurance, retirement, paid holidays and paid vacation days.  By offering these benefits, we improve our bottom line with better employee attendance, employee retention and employee satisfaction.  In addition, happy and healthy employees are more productive!  As a business owner, we treat our employees as we wish to be treated which is why it is important that we offer a living wage and benefits that improve the quality of life for our employees."

Emily Kreutzer, Owner Carrboro Plumbing, Inc.