A Living Wage for a Stronger Community

Various living wage employers, including Binkley Baptist Church, Joe Van Gogh, F&F Automotive, and Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, share why they pay a living wage to their employees. “Pay equity is extremely important for justice. If there is no justice in any aspect of the food, the food is not going to taste good.” Vimala Rajendran, Curryblossom Cafe

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Weaver Street Market

Charles Traitor, a worker-owner and board member at Weaver Street Market, shares why paying a living wage benefits the employees of the co-op as well as the bottom line of the business.


The Hillsborough Yarn Shop

Anne Derby, the owner of the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, shares why she pays her employees a living wage.


Hillsborough Pharmacy

Tiffany Graham-Barber shares the value proposition of paying a living wage at her independently-owned Hillsborough Pharmacy.


Snap Pea Catering

Snap Pea Underground & Catering owner Jacob Boehm shares the business benefits of paying his employees a living wage. Photos included in this video were taken at a Pop Up Dinner event at Brumley Forest in Orange County.